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A Letter To The Mn House & Senate, Re: Fluoridation Of The Municipal Water Supply

Please introduce legislation to repeal Minnesota statute, (144.145) which requires the fluoridation of the municipal water supply. Hydrofluosilicic Acid is an industrial by-product of the phosphate industry that is added to the water for the, “prevention of tooth decay.” This chemical is too toxic to be legally discharged into the environment. Fluoridation of the water supply violates the ethic of informed consent set forth in the Nuremberg Code and is bad medical practice. Fluoridation has never been proven, “safe and effective,” with substantial evidence. According to the FDA, fluoride is a “drug.” By this definition, the practice of fluoridation has been used as a massive experiment in Minnesota for over 40 years. MD’s are required to evaluate their patients prior to prescribing drugs and should also do follow up, yet fluoride is being forced on an entire population without regard for the dose received from water and other sources. Decision makers should not be able to do to the entire state what doctors cannot do to individuals. To universalize the concept of medicating the water without informed consent makes it morally wrong. I cannot legally add drugs to your water. Lithium or Anti-Statins could be next. One size does not fit all. Medicating the water for the, “greater good” takes away autonomy especially for those who can’t afford filtered water. Because something has been done for a long time does not make it safe or just. The fuel additive lead was once thought to be safe. The precautionary principle and due diligence have been ignored for way too long. In 2011 the EPA and HHS lowered the recommended amount of fluoride due to high rates of fluorosis. (Mottled dental enamel) Modern Minnesota has forgotten, “First do no harm.” Fluoride toothpastes are required to carry poison warnings, yet parents are not warned about ingesting fluoride and it’s potential developmental hazards. The EPA has classified fluoride as a, “Chemical with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.” No rational person would call for a chemical to be added to the water that could cause brain damage. Fluoride is the active ingredient in many pesticides and is linked to increases in bone cancer, thyroid dysfunction, decreased fertility, and lower IQ’s. The paternalistic state should not be making medical decisions for my family. I do not consent! Your duty is to protect all Minnesotan’s basic liberties, so please help promote public health with safe and clean water for everyone. For more information please visit: www.fluoridealert.org (Tyranny)

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