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Solutions For Real Reform (RP)

No One Has A right to medical care! A authoratarian government is not concerned about the rights of the individual. Quality care can not come through government force. More dollars into any monopoly does not increase quality. Government can facilitate the delivery of goods and services. Government should do no harm. Costs are too high. The currency has been debased. Keep bueuracrats and other third parties out of the doctor/patient relationship. The tax code and ERISA laws must be changed. TORT reform! Legalize the purchase across state lines. Offer long term insurance to young people with fixed prices. Insurance should measure risk, not be another social welfare program. Abolish the relationship between the medical mafia and the government. Threatening individuals with fines to buy insurance is beneifitting the insurance companies. Promote naturopathic medicine, holistic and nutritional alternatives. Remove the threat of further regulations.

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