Everything Is OK!

Don’t Take The Swine Flu Jab! So what if government officials and vaccine promoters have financial ties to the vaccine industry. Conflict of interest is OK when it comes to your health right? There’s more mercury in a tuna fish sandwich! Pregnant women shouldn’t eat too much fish, but it’s OK to inject it? Some of these vaccines only contain trace amounts of aborted fetal tissue, animal DNA and formaldehyde and other contaminants. Get off your knees, grow a backbone and just say no. Look up S.666-Biological, Chemical and Radiological Weapons and Countermeasures Act. “We are from the government, we are here to help you and keep you safe.” Have fun at Camp FEMA. Infinite Love is The Only Truth. Nano-technology is here. Influenza vaccine, H5N1/GSK, US 666 Bio-defense Stockpile. Everything is OK, we have Ecoscience! Everything is OK, we are Geo-engineering the environment. Where there is hatred let me sew love! The side-effect of death and paralysis is very rare, so the benefits must out-weigh the risks right? Sid the science kid said, “It’ll help a whole lot.” Check out executive order 13295. 322, “It’s so secret, we can’t talk about it.” Stand Up For Liberty, more than 100 to 1, Baby!

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