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  5. *The Right To Determine One’s Own Healthcare (C.B.)

*The Right To Determine One’s Own Healthcare (C.B.)

Do You Think Our Senators really care about “affordable,” health care for the average American? Neither Al or Amy has either signed on to S. 604, the senate version of H.R. 1207, that has at least 289 co sponsors. What exactly does “affordable” health care mean? More socialism will only bring more tyranny. What does Employer responsibility mean? Does that mean Budgeting properly and not relying on big brother handouts so the state and federal government can tell them what to do. Does that mean not lying to their employees? Or expanding the size and look of the buildings while laying them off and trying to get rid of any pension. Wake up people the “Public option” Is another term for totalatarian tip toe incrementelisim so that big brother can micromanage every aspect of our lives. The social engineers that brought us medicare are going to bring us a public option that eventually everyone but the so called elite will be forced into. Has anyone seen the stock in verichip lately? Vote yes for real reform. Does anyone know what that means? Real reform means Read The Constitution! Where is health care a right in the constitution? Or maybe you want to live under agenda 21 U.N. Dictatorship? Turn off the TV and read! Tell the congress that we demand health freedom. Tell Them that we demand you read any bill. Tell them that we the people demand time to read and understand any bill. Understand what an individual mandate is. Say No! No last minute additions. No threats of martial law or a breakdown of society. You people that think you have power, don’t you understand that you will be forced to accept the poison too. Please break your conditioning, or maybe you get off on it! You might have a few more toys a few more vacations with a few more drinks to dull your depression of the false reality that you have created. In the meantime your grandchildren will be born with more health problems. Your loved ones will see more and more early onset alzheimers and a breakthrough will be right around the corner with a new implant or another vaccine. Do you know that “herd immunity” is really only pseudoscience? Or maybe you like being treated as cattle. 100% is the goal. Where is the real evidence? It’s hidden in scientific doublespeak. This is herd mentality. Look up^ Look Around<> We are in a petri dish! Do you know what a “mock up” virus is? MF 59? Aso3? Squalene? GWS? GBS? Read! Investigate! Chan says swine flu is mild, yet Freiden says, “on average flu is not a mild illness.” As Public Enemy would say, “Don’t Believe the Hype!” Prof Griff knows whats going on! Peace! Good, Love& Liberty will prevail! (Tyranny)

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