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WHO is in charge of your body? Not My Body!

Isn’t it interesting that the Obama girls all of the sudden reportedly received their vaccinations a week ago? And why would they have tried to mandate these shots if there wasn’t enough to go around? New York health care workers win a victory, now all of the sudden there is a “national emergency,” to make it easier to put up some tents, and clear the way for funding? I don’t think so! The Health Ranger is right.Did anyone see Frieden’s smirk on his face as he was talking about the old chicken egg technology? They have even more potent and “effective,” vaccinations planned for us. We are being conditioned to accept this bought and paid for pseudoscience. Please check out Gary Nulls’ Swine Flu White Paper. Vaccinations should never be called immunizations because they do not guarantee immunity. However, under the P.R.E.P. Act (which should be called the PERP Act), manufacturers, distributors, planners and administrators have almost complete legal immunity if you accept their worthless vaccine or useless antiviral.   Politically, I agree With Mr. Paul, that vaccinations should NEVER be mandated, however,medically, Dr. Paul may be incorrect no matter how popular the polio vaccine was. In Europe, polio was in decline before the vaccine was even introduced and in the U.S. all cases of polio was caused by the vaccine itself. Yes, the American people are waking up, the whole world is waking up, thanks to people like Jane. That’s what the so called elite are afraid of. Read MEDISIN, by Dr. Whitaker.Most of the entire medical establishment has been completely brainwashed into believing the “germ theory,”(or they are afraid to speak up),  that you can create, “herd immunity,” by assaulting the immune system with toxic soup. Most immunologists would agree that we have only begun to understand the immune system. Just having an antibody response is not the entire picture. These Sorcerers would like you to think otherwise. Governments create fear to control you. “F.E.A.R., False Evidence Appearing Real.” Stand up for Liberty, “Say No To The Vaccines!” END THE FED! H.R. 1207, S. 604. Peace, Love and Liberty will prevail! (Tyranny)

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