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Mysterious missing photos

Mysteriously missing political photos! I am one of those people who still use one of the ancient cameras with the old film. I am a Tea Party Patriot and SEIU member. CVS pharmacy in St. Paul initially, allegedly lost my photos. The lab manager said, “I processed them.” & then said they must have been given to someone else. After calling management and a supposed investigation with no call back, I called CVS again only to be told, “The order was never processed, it was canceled.” These were several Tea Party Photos, Keith Ellison town hall photos, Democratic health care rally photos and Ron Pauls’ visit to the Northrup photos. I am a health care worker that is facing possible Lay off and the possibility of forced vaccination as a condition of employment. One photo is of Josh from McCollums’ staff who took a picture of me and told me,”I have your face on camera now.” I took his picture back and told him I have a picture of him too. There was nothing illegal or unconstitutional on these photos. Sure would be nice to get my photos back!                                                                                 

10/19/09 Update. After several more phone calls and getting a message to the area manager and loss prevention and asking for a written response if they could not produce my photos. Surprise! My photos were returned today! According to the district manager the lab person suddenly did not remember processing them. Also, a black couple dropped the order off then canceled the order three minutes later. Perhaps after a month it is possible that someone realized they had another persons’ photos. Or maybe someone just didn’t like the fact that there just happened to be a few pictures of some people with “Investigate 9/11″ banners in them. One photo that is priceless is Mr. Ellison pointing to a sign that reads “follow the money.” Following that logic, can anyone please tell me why Keith has not signed onto H.R. 1207 yet? Republicrats and Democans please wake up and quit fighting each other and realize global governance is being set up right before our eyes. Quit worrying about being politically correct and what others might think of you. Or maybe it’s more important to know what the Vikings or the Twin’s did or or who was the latest Hollywood star to have an affair or what the latest fashion is? Does anyone care that we are being brainwashed poisoned and enslaved and more socialism is on the way? Do you want your children and grandchildren to know what it means to be free? Is this a “conspiracy theory?” Or rather, “An alliance of convenience?” Liberate America! Say no to socialism! Don’t tread on me! (Tyranny)

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