What Is GMO?

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms,i.e. Organisms whose DNA has undergone gene insertion. Bio-tech industries seek to patent commercial seeds; therefore, essentially having a patent on nature which creates dependence to the patent holder and the use of their herbicide or pesticides. These companies would like us to think that the food is of, “better quality.” GM crops may bio-accumulate toxins in the food chain. Cross pollination could potentially create super-weeds or super-bugs. Gene insertion disrupts the DNA which could switch on a dormant virus in plants. Epi-genetics can influence gene expression maybe even to the next generation. “Context is crucial. Yet genetic manipulation of food ignores millions of years of evolutionary context, and that could have serious implications in the future. We aren’t dealing with an insignificant change to our diets here; we’re dealing with a revolutionary technology being used in our food supply-affecting us, future generations, and the ecosystems on which we depend.” -David Suzuki, geneticist    For more info, please see, (True Health Facts) and Genetic Roulette, by Jeffery Smith, (Tyranny)

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