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The “Vaccine War,” Review

Brought to you by the CIA,CDC and CFR, and viewers like you. The Vaccine War opens with an infant getting vaccinated for hepatitis B within an hour of being born. FRONTLINE targets Ashland Oregon, a college town that has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. The Doctors and pro-vaccine parents repeatedly claim there will be an, “outbreak” any moment. CDC blames un-”immunized” children on measles outbreaks. Vaccines are, “far too valuable,” per the government Dr’s that have known numerous conflicts of interest. Dr. Profit makes no apologies as he smirks and claims, “it doesn’t matter” that he’s profiting from vaccines. Next it shows a pediatrician showing paramedics suffering babies that have not received their, “vaccine preventable” shots. Fauci and others repeatedly minimize the risks and fail to mention the legal immunity of the manufacturers. The CDC is not even sure about severe risk showing their own website. Barbra Loe Fisher whose son was vaccine injured promotes vaccine safety and set up the NVIC. She and others lobbied and the government set up special, “vaccine courts.” Jenny McCarthys’ son was diagnosed with Autism shortly after receiving the MMR schedule of shots. She found and helps to promote Generation Rescue that correctly states that we and the government know that, “vaccines cause brain damage.” Fauci and Offit repeatedly deny any cause and effect. The Autism expert admits that mercury is a known neuro-toxin but also denies any cause and effect link to Autism, then the program goes on to cite several possible flawed studies, but clearly points out that Wakefields’ Lancet paper as flawed. Barbra Loe Fisher correctly explains that scientists are not asking the right questions. They note that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the opponents of the Autism link. Parents and skeptics can not prove a negative. FRONTLINE then goes on to attack the internet. Their pediatrician says something to the effect as, “the science is settled.” Desiree Jennings was neurologically damaged by a flu vaccine and recovered with alternative medicine, then the commentator eludes to a hoax and that her condition was psychogenic. The vaccine opponents correctly state that people who choose to get vaccinated shouldn’t worry if they are vaccinated, because they should be protected. They categorize free thought on the internet as, “dangerous.” They repeatedly promote the artificial, “herd immunity” while showing a suffering baby. The Bio-ethicist says vaccines have, “an odd power.” They cover the political price of not getting a vaccine. You-tube is also attacked. FRONTLINE fails to bring in scientists or Doctors on the anti-vaccine or even the pro-choice side besides Wakefield. They also fail to mention the ’76 or the ’09 swine flu scam or the GWS link to vaccines and closes out the program with The pediatrician saying, “Conspiracy theories tend to be popular.” (Tyranny)

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