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Lay Off’s and Yellow Stars

Due to financial times, within the hospital, LPN’s within the Hospital will be laid off. The Hospital is supposedly not eliminating all of the LPN’s. The Union contract has recently expired and there is a 60 day extension. One of managements proposals is mandatory, forced vaccination! The new experimental H1n1 arrives here in Mn tomorrow. Hospital employees’ for the last few years have been required to log into the computer and complete a declination form and they are also asked for what reasons they are refusing. A data base so they can track and trace you. This is health care politics at it’s pure core. The LPN’s are the smallest contract group within the hospital. What I hear from a MNA rep is that the hospital has said vaccinations will not be mandatory. This appears to be a lie. Now, part if not all of the LPN’s will be laid off, and the rest will be forced to vote yes if they want to keep their job. That will set the precedence to illegally set the “mandate” for forced vaccinations for all of the other employees. If you read of reports about employees who do not accept vaccines across the country, in certain areas they are being made to wear masks. What is next a yellow star? Any other health care worker across the state; they are coming after you next with the toxic jab. Please do everything you can to get the truth out. Call the Governor and demand health freedom. Your life may depend on it! This is serious folks. Please help spread the word. Tyranny is descending upon us. Tyranny

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