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America Rising: A letter To Incumbants

As you may guess. I did not vote for Hussein Obomba. I did not vote for Insane McCain either. Betty McCollum knows that health care is not a “right,” That is why she proposed an amendment to the Constitution. She really cares about you and the future of our freedom. Can’t you see the Fascist programming in the colors and the art they use? Look into the light, over the hill; everything will be better tomorrow because we have, “HOPE.” Gridlock in the House and Senate is far better than growing a tyrannical government bigger. The establishment welfare state has been moving to destroy families and individuality for decades. Just look up Charlotte Iserbyt. Our world will be safer with the naked body scanners everywhere. Just give up your liberty for security. Just don’t carry cash. We’ll never have to worry about crazy underwear bombers. I don’t think many people trusted Harry Pelosi to begin with. He speaks the truth about Hussein Obomba. That man is not really black and doesn’t speak in Ebonics. Since the Marxist Chris Matthews wants to make everything about race, the puppet black face of the New World Order is only about 7% African. We have the first Arab president. Let’s abolish Christmas, and make HaunaRammaKwanzmas a national holiday. Astro-Turf Nazi Nancy, you are part of the crime syndicate too? The AMA sold out; the MNA sold out. The Mack Daddy announces a spending freeze that will not take effect until 2011 after this, “jobs” bill, (”Just Over Broke”), that is really a second stimulus bill because, “The best way to rob a bank is to own one.” So for now we will continue to fund the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and dump our depleted uranium on those brown people. Cindy Sheehan has woke up to the false left. Where is the anti-war left? Pat Tillman knows. Another victim of “friendly fire.” Have you ever heard of the golden triangle? T.E.A.=Taxed Enough Already! For those of you who think the “Tea-baggers,” are on the fringe right. Why did Jim Trafficant get railroaded? For speaking out against the illegal 16th Amendment and the Internal Robbery Squad? Or was it the Jewish lobby Rahm? No fly-No buy! Where do your loyalties lie? Remember the U.S.S Liberty! The Freshman Democrat Alan Grayson may want socialized medicine, at least he’s not afraid to speak out against the fed. I’m writing this now before Cass Sunstein, Google, the ignorant people of CA, and Hitlary ban freedom of speech.(Tyranny)

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