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911 Was An Inside Job !

Wake up sheeple! See “Twenty minutes with the President.” Turn off the tel(lie)vision. Make a choice, take the red pill or the blue pill. Do you really care how many women Tiger slept with? “War is peace.” Thats’ why Barrack gets a prize. Read state department memorandum 200. Fluoride is good for you, just like mercury! Lincon was shot at the theater named, “Kennedy.” Kennedy was shot in a car called, “Lincon.’” Ghandi and MLK were there to set us free, they got a bullet. Global warming is now climate change. Barrack Osama Hussein Saddam Obamba Bin Laden is Benjamin Button. Brangelina, the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador is a changling tombraider. The base is Al-cia-duh. Flight 77; What really happened? If there is nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything? Dick says, “Of course the order still stands.” George wants to finish a story about a pet goat. Read the 9/11 time-line. It was an, “an interesting day.” Thermite was found in the dust. Think for yourself. Saloman ,WTC -7 collapses at freefall speed. Thank-you British Brainwashing Corporation. Problem-Reaction-Solution. 9/11/ + 3/11+ 7/7= Patriot Act 1 & 2 and the never ending, “War on terror.” Wake up sheeple, war is terror! JFK signs executive order # 11110 and ends up dead. Liberty must take back main street, oak street and elm street. Wall street is exactly that, a wall, just like the Wall of China and the Berlin Wall. It’s just Another Brick In The Wall-part 2. It will crumble and fall! 1 in 90 kids with Autism today. Look around; where are all the adults with Autism? Look up Project Paperclip. Rockefeller wants a one world government and he, “is proud of it.” Are you a transhumanist? Or rather posthuman? Time to read Brave New World, we are at the dawn of eviloution. Who is watching the watchers? Big Brother? “Slavery is freedom.” Novus ordo Seclorum. “Ignorance is strength.” CO is NOT Co2. EPA declares what plants need to survive a dangerous pollutant! Swine/11 =Pandemic Level 6. Read the MIAC report. Whats’ next, a pre-crimes unit? If you don’t like the SPLC or the NWO and you like the X’th Amendment, you are a racist terrorist. Bohemian Grove is where all those rich Republicans run around naked rubbing up against the Redwood trees. Even America’s Father figure, Walter Kronkite of Columbia Brainwashing System went to see Moloch. “But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch.” Don’t be afraid of the rabbit hole. The truth will set you free; 9/11 was an inside job!! Stand Up For Liberty! (Tyranny)

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